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Services offered:

Individual training -see packages below 
Buddy/Couple Training (2 people together) Super Fit= $35/session/person, Flex Fit=$40/session/person 
Small Group Training (3-4 people, you provide the space or outside), rates determined at time of consultation
Personalized Program Design, Body Composition Testing and Nutritional Counselling for Weight Loss.

Tania offers several options for training packages including:

Super Fit
For the client who has specific goals and needs the accountability and consistency of Tania’s help to reach them!
Commit to 2 or 3 sessions per week for 8 weeks and receive detailed workout programs with updates, regular body fat testing, as well as coaching and guidance on a regular basis. 

Everything you need for a $50/session rate and this package can be paid for in 2 instalments (requires a postdated cheque for 2nd instalment or payment in full by credit card through PayPal is possible, but fees apply).
24 hour cancellation policy on booked sessions applies.

Flex Fit
For the client who needs all the services of Super Fit but can't commit to twice a week for 8 weeks.
A $55/ session rate with a minimum purchase of 6 sessions.
All sessions are paid in full on first session. Payment by credit card through PayPal is possible, but fees apply.
*24 hour cancellation policy on booked sessions applies.

Individual sessions can be purchased at $65/session (minimum 3 sessions for personalized program design)

Each session is 1 hour and during the first appointment clients can expect an evaluation workout that will allow Tania to assess their fitness level and the specific types of exercises that will work for you. Together we will agree on a plan of action in order to best reach your goals.

Tania's goals as a trainer are to get each client working out in a safe, effective manner that will encourage continuity and of course results! Each client learns about weight training, cardio exercise, flexibility and the importance of healthy eating.

Contact Tania at or call 778-558-1141 to book your free consultation!